Shiv Ahuja

Shiv Ahuja

My name is Shiv Ankit Ahuja and I live in a town south of New Delhi, India called Gurgaon. I studied Economics at Delhi University (2010) and shortly after, decided to work with photography. In New Delhi, I work as a freelance photographer and moonlight as a musician, playing keyboards and synthesizers for indie bands.


When and why you started to be interested in photography?

I started taking a few photographs with my father's old camera when I was still in high school. Later, having a camera meant I could travel with and photograph all my favourite musicians in India, so I quickly taught myself how to use and one was soon on the road. Photography came to me through music and slowly I realized I was more interested in the photographs and what they could say and do for me.

What do you expect of this year and who do you want the most to have class with?

I expect to be to able to be able to better articulate my thoughts through photographs and otherwise by the end of year and also start working on some new projects. Each of the names of artists mentioned in class opens up a whole new door and direction for exploration that is most exciting for someone like me who hasn't had a vast experience with viewing or trying to understand European art.
I'm looking forward to class with the 3 tutors: Joan Villaplana, Ricardo Cases and Nicolas Combarro.

What do you expect of the rest of the students?

The rest of the students in the class come from various backgrounds and countries and I think its the kind of mix that can go a long way in enriching each others work. I expect to spend time with them not only discussing our various projects but also learning about where they come from and where they've been and I hope to do this while we all immerse ourselves in Madrid's vibrant culture. I also hope to learn some Spanish while we're at it.