Natalia Queirolo

Natalia Queirolo

My Name is Natalia Queirolo and I came from Perú. Even thou I graduated in Communications and Journalism, I've always been attracted to photography and I've been learning with independent classes and in a autodidactic way. Even thou I was working in a NGO coordinating a communication project of climate change called, two years ago I finally finished my web site of photography.

When and why you started to be interested in photography?

I started being interested in photography when I was 14 years old and I bought my first analog camera. The reason? Im not sure why, I just had a inclination for it. There must have been some influence of my father because he also took pictures when he was young, we had lots of pictures of him all around our house and he was always taking pictures or filming my sisters and me.

What do you expect of this year and who do you want the most to have class with?

I expect to expand my knowledge in photography in a more professional way. I want to learn all that I can from the teachers, mostly on how to make a project and a photo book in a high standard. Ive been doing a lot of documentary work, so I would like to learn more how to work in a studio or to produce my own pictures.

What do you expect of the rest of the students?

I would like to have classes with professional photographers that can see my work and help me improve. I would also like to have classes with creatives or philosophers that can help to open my mind.

There is something else we should know about you?

I would love to learn more about illumination. I know some basics but If the teachers could explain us some tricks or their experience with light in the workshops it would be amazing.