Anubhav Syal

Anubhav Syal

I am Anubhav Syal, my father is from the mountains and my mother is from the desert so I am kind of a mix of both lands, my home town is Jaipur it is called The Pink City. I come from the school Independent Filmmaking.

When and why you started to be interested in photography?

My father asked me to play with his Minolta SRT 101, and I started taking pictures as young as 15 years. Later I started taking pictures during my travels, and my job in the process of film making was to direct the photography.

What do you expect of this year and who do you want the most to have class with?

Since I have been in madrid, I have been shooting on the street, which I do not consider fine art, although I'm trying hard to make it. I have extremely enjoyed all the classes I have attended. i really enjoyed the sessions with Dinu Li, he is amazing!.

What do you expect of the rest of the students?

I expect them do make great work, which of inspiration to me, inspiration is what I seek.