Ana Sofia Ayarzagoitia

Ana Sofia Ayarzagoitia

Ana Sofia Ayarzagoitia, was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. I grew up in a big family. My parents got separated when I was 13. Studied photography in Monterrey LCI and PFC, in Cuba, and Poland.

When and why you started to be interested in photography?

Photography is a discipline that I have explored since I was a child. Before I knew it existed as a profession. At the age of 23 in Paris I discovered Art museum. And started doing Art and documentary projects when I entered PFC13 (Programa de Fotografia Contemporanea) A couple of years ago I ended a relationship with a lover and the sadness and boredom caused me to start producing in an obsessed way. This thing that had been accompanying me all my life serves me to explain to myself, everything that I could not put into words. Over time I made conscious several concepts that I have been working, Intimacy, family conflicts, and people who do not conform to social and cultural patterns.


What do you expect of this year and who do you want the most to have class with?

Be able to work a a complete year in a nurturing project. To be able to edit my own work and learn from my teachers and my colleagues their ways of seeing and provide and be provided with a good critiscism. Share thoughts, projects. To finish with a good and strong material, that a can possibly turn into a book.