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China through colour and photography. Workshops by Joan Villaplana in Asia

Joan Villaplana, director of the Postgraduate Course in Photography and Visual Language, travelled to the Asian country to offer several sessions of the workshop Exploring our Surroundings through Colour. Activities which emerge from IED Photography to bring together culture, innovation and training.

The young photographers explored the images created by masters of Asian photography, sharpening their understanding of the gaze via the environment, and experimenting with the creation of visual stories using carefully selected images.

The workshops took place in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Nanjing, in collaboration with the art school ArtBox Education and the cultural association A Bau A Qu.

Workshop at the Artbox School (Shanghai)
April 15-16 

Workshop at the contemporary art Gallery Art 23 (Guangzhou)
April 8-9 

Conference at the University of Arts (Nanjing)
April 20

Do you want to see the stories?

Discover the result of the workshops on the website of the collaborating association A Bao A Qu. Furthermore, in July it will displayed at the Artbox spaces in Shanghai and the national museum of China, the Liu Haisu Art Museum.

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