Looking to create. The Master in Professional Photography concludes with the presentation of the projects

Aesthetics, composition and light are some of the foundations of photography, which must be taken into account. But if we go a bit further, “knowing how to look in order to create” is key. All of us can take a few photos, but what makes a good pictures stand out is the perfect combination of creativity and technical prowess.

This is what the Master in Professional Photography of the IED Madrid tries to do, and it is not easy. Our students have worked hard to open their minds and experience first-hand the meaning of intensity. During the academic year, they developed, for each of the three modules of the MA, a final project showcasing creative techniques in a range of professional fields: advertising, documentary and fashion.

The latest set of presentations were for the Postgraduate Course in Advertising and Editorial Photography. Here the students explored their most commercial side, which the training focusing on photo editing, as well as on relationships with the media and magazines, business plans and contracts.

Perla Tamez

Perla is one of the students taking the MA. She comes from Mexico, where she ran her own independent photography studio, and where she developed her passion for the artistic and documentary image. She has a degree in Industrial Design, specialising in digital photography, composition and lighting. She has taken part in individual and group shows, and after five years working with her camera, she came to the IED Madrid to perfect her skills and take the course. We talked to her about the development of her projects and her time in our school.

What can you tell us about the creation and development process of the MA projects?
With regard to the process, I think the approach and aims were established in a way that was new to me, which helped me develop my projects, defining paradigms and finding new ways of expressing my ideas. It was not easy, but it was an interesting challenge, so that I could identify new ways of looking at things.

What did you enjoy the most about the projects’ execution?
I really enjoyed the process of discovering new “models”, contacting and getting to know new people, negotiation process, reaching agreements, trying out new strategies and developing different systems to achieve my aims.

Which tools did you gain from each of the three modules in order to develop your final project?
In each of the modules, thanks to the analysis and tutorials by a range of experts on the different branches of photography, I was able to develop and evolve along with my final project.
During the documentary module I managed to get in contact with new people, with different personalities and backgrounds, and they became a part of my project. At the same time, getting to know my classmates, who come from a range of cultures, helped me achieve better results.
During the fashion module I gained a new vision for a range of objectives, new negotiation process, advice to work in this field and meet with specialists to create my own work team and achieve the ideal results.
In the advertising module I would highlight the use of my knowledge and personal development to generate new ideas. I identified the tools I already had and was given many tips and a lot of advice to create the perfect photograph, taking into account the needs of the client.

What would you highlight about the Master in Professional Photography?
A completely international atmosphere, a different work dynamic and a lot of challenges on a personal and professional level.

Photo Gallery of students in the Master of Professional Photography edition 2015 - 2016
Cover photo: Jeanina Peñas

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