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Nicolás Combarro, a tutor at IED Photography, has been nominated to the prize to New Director at the San Sebastian Film Festival

Nicolás Combarro, a tutor of the European Master of Contemporary Photography, is part of the Festival’s commitment to rewarding new film talents, as director of his first feature film, “Alberto García-Alix. La Línea de la Sombra”.

La línea de sombra is the portrait of one of the most important photographers in the Spanish art scene, and a reference point for a whole generation, Alberto García-Alix. This documentary, told in the first person, delves into the universe of the Spanish photographer, whose work has been curated by Nicolás and with whom he has worked closely.

A project directed by Nicolás Combarro and produced by Morelli Producciones which is one of the films chosen to complete in the New Directors category at the 65 th edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival.


Filmmaker, visual artist and exhibition curator

Tutor of the European Master of Contemporary Photography

He was born in 1979 in A Coruña, Spain. He studied Audiovisual Communication in Madrid, where he works as a curator and independent artist. As an artist, his work has been displayed nationally and internationally. As a curator, he has worked on individual projects with artists such as Alberto Garcia-Alix in Madrid, Beijing and Moscow.


Photo Credits: La Línea de La Sombra

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