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Nana Körke, new director of the Postgraduate Course in Fashion and Lifestyle Photography

Are you one of those people who photograph everything around them? Do you keep up with the latest trends through the main fashion editorials? Would you like to be able to turn this into a job? Make your dreams come true with the Postgraduate Course in Fashion and Lifestyle Photography.

The course seeks to develop your voice and personality in fashion and lifestyle photography using a programme which combines theoretical lessons with practical activities, offering the necessary knowledge and experience to guide you in the professional world and take a big step toward your aim of becoming a photographer with your own style and with a story to tell.

Below is an interview with Nana Körke, the new director of the course. With more than 100 advertising spots and countless sessions with renowned photographers all over the world, she arrives at IED Master to share with our students her knowledge and experience.


Nana Körke

Regional Creative Director & Strategist at the Nota Bene communication agency.
She currently heads the Creative Direction for Europe of the Pantene Hair project.

What do you love about fashion photography? In what way is it different from other kinds of photography?

Capturing moments with a camera is something we do all the time, and it’s easy, but capturing them with a specific sensibility, creativity and meaning involves turning them into something that will never happen again, and I find that irresistible. If to this we add the fashion factor, with the colours, textures, and ideas of great designers, it becomes something magical.

You have a lot of experience as a creative director at important brands. Would you highlight any campaign in particular?

There was a campaign we did with 10 international celebrities, who were photographed by Kutlu and Fernando Milani. They all followed the same lines, but with totally different results, highlighting the different personalities and energies.

As the new director of the course, what do you want to convey to the students?

The importance of finding their own style and learn to use the tools so that they can carry out their daily work, following a brief without losing the essence of their personal style. The different angles they can take to face the same challenge, and, of course, the passion for improving, for moving forward, all with the help of professionals in the field who will convey their knowledge, tricks and sources of inspiration.

To whom would you recommend the Postgraduate Course in Fashion and Lifestyle Photography of the IED Madrid?

To all those photographers who, at the start of their careers, would like to know what the profession is really like, and who wish to have a general view of the fashion photography world and its processes. This includes everything from the briefing, HR, creativity, style, the photography session, retouching and the selection of the photo for the client.

We will also speak about fashion magazines, offer master classes and workshops, and, above all, get to know a lot of interesting people who will share with us their experience, vision and work techniques. We will work on the personal style of each person, and we will have a lot of practical experience, of course, but above all we will prepare the students to tackle their chosen profession with confidence.


Cover photos by the former student of the Postgraduate Course in Fashion and Lifestyle Photography: Maria Fernanda Contreras Saldaña.


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