Mum, I want to be an artist. “Girls from Today 2”, the feminist fanzine by Andrea Savall

I don’t want to be erased by history, and I want to be proud of what I do. Mum, I want to be an artist and learn from other artists like me. I want to be inspired and filled with creativity. Mum, I want to be an artist, and for many other female artists to exist.
Andrea Savall


Following the success of her first fanzine, Andrea Savall has published a second volume: “Girls from Today 2”. A feminist protest piece on what it is to be a woman in the world of art today. A work which features the collaboration of several Spanish artists, such as Carlotta, the singer and guitarist in Hinds.

The lack of women who are reference points in the world of art was the inspiration Andrea needed to launch a second edition of the fanzine. More than a compilation of photographs by female artists, it is a medium to lend them a voice and demand their recognition.



Will there be a third “Girls from Today”? We spoke to Andrea Savall, the author and a former student of the Master in Professional Photography, and a young photographer who uses her work to fight against established stereotypes.


Andrea Savall

"Photography is a passion for me, a way of life."

 What inspired you to become a photographer?

Ever since I was little I have enjoyed inventing things, stories… I used to draw with pastel colours, and I still do, although only to relax.
My maternal grandfather was a photographer, but he never published anything as he was too shy. His work included real gems, though. I remember spending hours in his studio surrounded by photography books. He explained things to me, he dictated things for me to write on his typewriter…
Also, my parents have been fundamental figures. There have always been cameras at home. They both took photos. I grew up in a house where there was always music and where creativity is admired. I suppose these things stay with you.
But there really was a moment when this obsession with photography began. It was in my adolescence, after discovering Robert Capa and, above all, Gerda Taro.

How would you define your style?

I still cannot define my style, I really like experimenting with different languages within photography and with other resources, like writing. I like getting my hands dirty, playing with materials, artistic direction is very important to me.
At first, I only liked photographing people. Now I also like photographing still lifes and putting photographs together to convey a message.
The irony is present in my work and I always feel more inspired by the feminine world.

Girls from Today was your project for the advertising and editorial photography module, How and when did the idea arise?

I have always thought that the issue of defending women’s rights is my personal struggle. I wanted to do a project like that and it was in this module that I dared to really do it.
We are at a time where there still exist people who think that feminism is not necessary or that it is simply a women’s thing. I firmly believe that every woman must be free to be herself and that we still have to get rid of a lot of prejudice, both them and us. Feminism is changing, it adapts to its time.
In my fanzine “Girls from Today” I want to convey that we can be as we want to be. Ourselves. We don’t want to be men. We want to have the same rights as them, but be ourselves. Not because you are more or less feminine should they take you more or less seriously.
For me, feminism is definitely equality. Often, the ones judging us are women themselves, and this is something that should change now, let us stop slut-shaming one another.

Why did you decide to study the Master’s Degree in Professional Photography at the IED Madrid? What was the experience like?

Madrid seems to be a very interesting city. For me, Madrid is very rock and roll. I think that you have many creative and work opportunities.
I decided to get into the master’s degree to perfect my technique and, above all, to get to know myself in my photography. I don’t just like one type of photography, that’s why I was struck by the fact that it was divided into three parts: Advertising and Editorial, Documentary and Fashion. A program with which to explore my photography and propose new challenges. In addition, the master’s degree is in English and in class there are people from different parts of the world. This is always interesting.

Any plans for the future? Will there be a third “Girls from Today”?

Yes! I want to expand on the concept of Girls From Today. My plan is to create a website where I can spread the work of unknown artists. In that space you will also be able to buy the fanzine online. Apart from many surprises that I can’t talk about yet.
My intention is to get out at least one a year, but at my pace and without pressure.


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