Immediate Histories: students of IED Photography display their work at PhotoIreland 2016

Identity, space, territoriality and representation are some of the these examined by the seven photographers taking part in the Immediate Histories exhibition, at the Instituto Cervantes in Dublin until the 29th of July.

The Instituto Cervantes, IED Photography and PhotoIreland have organised this display as part of the PhotoIreland Festival 2016, which is made up of the photography work by former students of the European Master of Contemporary Photography 2015-2016.

Shiv Ahuja, Duarte Amaral Netto, Anubhav Syal, Shane Green, Natalia Queirolo, Sofía Ayarzagoitia and Paulina Lara are the names of the artists. They all speak about the key problems of their generation using “fresh and contemporary” photographic language.

PhotoIreland is the ideal space to achieve visibility”, says Paulina Lara, who, as well as being one of the young artists taking part in the display, has also curated it. Paulina has taken a very close look at the artistic gaze of the other artist, by sharing her creative process with them, which has helped with the curatorial work.

Manzanares, by Shiv Ahuja, juxtaposes images to explore the connection between nature and urban spaces, or between life and progress.

Shiv Ahuja, Historias Inmediatas, PhotoIreland 2016

Cratera, by Duarte Amaral Netto, tells the story of a geologist and a meteorite in a very gloomy post-apocalyptic environment.

Duarte Amaral Netto, Historias Inmediatas, PhotoIreland 2016

In Handmade disaster, Anubhav Syal uses collage to show the “sensation of non-belonging experienced by refuges”.

Anubhav Syal, Historias Inmediatas, PhotoIreland 2016

Shane Green, in his series Things fall apart, explores the compulsive need to share and store photographs online, reappropriating publicly shared images on Google by common users.

Shane Green, Historias Inmediatas, PhotoIreland 2016

Where they end, I begin by Natalia Queirolo and Cada noche temo ser la cena by Sofía Ayarzagoitia are the most personal and subjective projects. Natalia wants to reveal what is hidden when we show ourselves to the world.

Natalia Queirolo, Historias Inmediatas, PhotoIreland 2016

Sofía documents everything that concerns or attracts her, in a sort of visual journal.

Sofia Ayarzagoitia, Historias Inmediatas, PhotoIreland 2016

Lastly, La noción del hogar by Paulina Lara is a more conceptual series where the artist presents herself as an “archaeologist reconstructing demolished houses in Madrid”.

Paulina Lara, Historias Inmediatas, PhotoIreland 2016

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