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The exhibition Kassel Dummy Award 2017 arrives at the IED Madrid

6/11/2017 a 11/11/2017 - 10:00 a 22:00 - IED Photography

  • Place : IED Master
  • Address : Calle Larra 14 28004 Madrid

Are you a fan of photobooks? If you love feeling the essence of printed photographs and their narrative power in the shape of a book, this will be of interest to you.

The Photobook Festival Kassel has carried out, since 2008, a selection of the most notable photobooks of the year: the Kassel Dummy Award. An exhibition which has been on display in cities such as Istanbul, Rome, Dublin and Lodz, and is now coming to Madrid!

We invite you to tour a display of 49 pre-selected photobooks, chosen by an international jury made up of Federica Chiocchetti (London), Martin Parr (Bristol), Andrea Schmidt (Dortmund), Jason Fulford (New York), Aron Mörel (London), Markus Schaden (Cologne) and Dieter Neubert (Kassel).



First prize: “Archipiélagos”, Hugo Alcol (Madrid)

Second prize: “Untitled”, Zeynep Kayan (Turkey)

Third prize: “Grinders”, Hannes Wiedemann (Germany)


Photo credits: Kassel Dummy Award