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This is not exhibitionism. Fast expo on photography at Sala Siroco

14/03/2018 a 15/03/2018 - 21:00 a 01:00 - IED Photography

An exclusive exhibition featuring photography, good music and snacks. An ephemeral event which will take place only on the 14th of March.

  • Place : Siroco
  • Address : Calle San Dimas 3 28015 Madrid Madrid

Under the title This is not exhibitionism lies a fast expo developed by the students of the Master in Professional Photography at the IED Madrid, at the legendary Madrid Sala Siroco next 14th of March. A photography exhibition with a guiding thread: a look at the editorial world.

A display of the projects produced by a group of photographers in which we can observe different styles and themes around life, without any limits. A look at the present and the future of advertising images by young creatives who are creating their own style and vision of photography, shaping their abilities in the professional context.

Photography, snacks and DJ Carrie. A selector from the Canary Islands who lives in Madrid and began working as a DJ in 2000, along with Natalia Ferviu. She is known for her eclectic sessions which pay homage to all decades. Dancing is guaranteed, with tracks from Raffaella Carrà to RUN-DMC and Las Chicas del Can.