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European Master of Fine Art Photography Scholarships 2017

2/11/2016 a 12/01/2017 - IED Photography

Do you want to play your role in the field of artistic photography? Be part of our state of the art program, the European Master of Fine Art Photography, which is going into its seventh Edition in April 2017.

We offer practical and innovative training with a unique master program based on the development of a personal project, coached by our International docents and tutors, including Joan Fontcuberta, Andreas Müller-Pohle, Ricardo Cases, Martin Parr, Cristina de Middel, or Simon Roberts, to name just a few.

Take part in the competition and win a scholarship!



Two scholarships covering 50% of the tuition fees, equivalent to 4,250 euros.

Deadline for the receipt of works: 12th of January 2017 at 18:00, Madrid time (GMT+1).

The winners will be announced on the 19th of January 2017 at 18:00, Madrid time (GMT +1).

The names of the winners will be published on iedphotography.com.




  1. People of any origin or nationality can take part.
  2. The scholarships are awarded in a discretional way, based on the documentation received and the development potential of the candidate. The pre-selected applicants will be contacted for a brief interview in person, by telephone or skype.
  3. The European Master in Fine Art Photography is given in English. There are some activities, case studies and lectures which are given in Spanish with simultaneous translation. A medium-high level of English is required.
  4. Dynamics of the competition: the participants will have to fill out the competition application form, attaching their curriculum vitae, portfolio and a motivation letter.
  5. PRIZE. Two scholarship covering 50% of the tuition fees, equivalent to 4,250 euros.
  1. The winners will have to pay the course registration fee (€4,000) + 50% of the tuition fees (€4250).
  2. In no case are the scholarship amounts repayable in cash.
  3. To receive the scholarship it is ESSENTIAL to enrol and pay the registration fee within a period of 14 days starting from 19th of January, 2017 the date of the announcement of the winners.
  4. Rules. Winner must be aware of and observe the rules contained in the general regulations of the IED Madrid, and accept and sign the specific regulations for scholarship holders within a period of a week from the announcement of the awarding of the prize.
  5. Winner must study the whole of the Master in the IED Madrid, and risk losing the scholarship if they transfer to another centre.
  6. 90% minimum attendance at classes.
  7. The scholarship holders must actively participate in all the special and multidisciplinary projects proposed by the school: presentation events, supervised competitions and workshops.
  8. The scholarship holders must actively participate in the documentation of the Master activities, maintenance of the blog, description of journeys, workshops, lectures, etc.
  9. The Master course will not take place if the minimum number of students is not reached, This will mean the loss of the scholarship.
  10. The cancellation of the course during the official announcement of 2017 will give rise to the loss of the scholarship.
  11. Failure to comply with any of the obligations described will mean the loss of the scholarship.
  12. The scholarship holders give their consent to their name appearing in the Newspoint bulletin and other promotional materials of the IED.
  13. The participation period ends on the 12th of January, 2017 at 18:00, Madrid time.
  14. The judges decision will be announced on the 19th of January, 2017 at 18:00, Madrid time, via iedphotography.com.
  15. In accordance with Organic Law 25/1999 of the 13th of December, regarding Personal Data Protection, we inform you of the inclusion of your personal and professional data to an automated file entitled STUDENTS and FORMER STUDENTS, managed by the Istituto Europeo di Design S.L., with the aim of offering you information on the administrative processing of your academic record, course and training applications, information, scholarships and grants, events, workshops and any other promotional purpose. You are likewise informed of your righto to access, rectify, cancel and oppose the use of your data, by writing to the following address: Istituto Europeo di Design, calle Larra, 14 28004 Madrid o baja@madrid.ied.es.
  16. Participation in this competition entails the acceptance of these conditions **.

*The expenses of additional didactic activities are not included in the scholarship amount.

**These conditions are correct except for printing errors and can be found at iedphotography.com


Cover photo: Patricia Nieto Madroñero, student of the European Master of Fine Art Photography 2016.