The Empire of a Soap Bubble

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  • Curso: Máster Europeo de Fotografía de Autor
  • Escuela: IED Visual Communication
  • Sede: Madrid
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In my project “The Empire of aSoap Bubble,” I am investigating a story of ups and downs, balance and instability, control and chaos. The Yin and Yang of the ordinary. We tend to believe that our life is safe and static, but we are only building castles in the sand, trying to fortify our empires with certitude whilst inevitably waiting for the soap bubble to burst.

I am attempting to outline the turning of the Wheel of Fortune, following the path of consternation, and gaze into the unforeseen changes it could bring. Following the path of a bubble, its peaks and drops, I am preserving the life of this brittle entity.Examining broken pieces of fragility I write down the history of suffering and attempts of understanding it