The Body Never Lies

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  • Curso: Máster Europeo de Fotografía de Autor
  • Escuela: IED Visual Communication
  • Sede: Madrid
  • Website: http://

The Body Never Lies is a research-based body of work that explores the concept of the projection and extraction of emotions through the medium of photography. This work explores photography as a communication tool; it’s success and failure to produce or project emotion within the image. This work explores the separation between emotion that floats above the surface, and that which is buried beneath the surface. The boundaries between fact and fiction are key elements of the work. This work is about the role of photography and about what photography has become. Even if a photograph is not real (if it is reproduced or staged), the emotion or the feeling or the energy that the image has can be as concrete as the objects within the image.

Mixed Emotions is a series of self-portraits. We are a part of our parents, through nature and nuture we are created and shaped by them; through their actions, or lack of actions, our personalities are formed. We aspire to be like them, or to avoid becoming them, but we will always be a part of them. When two people choose to share a life together, the lives merge into one. For better or worse, the two become one. When two emotions meet, the original emotions are enhanced, or a new emotion is created. This project documents my emotion as a response to the emotions of my parents.