Down in the Valley

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  • Curso: Máster Europeo de Fotografía de Autor
  • Escuela: IED Visual Communication
  • Sede: Madrid
  • Website: http://

Down in the Valley is a body of work that attempts to examine the potential of a photograph. It focuses on work that is produced from an isolated set of experiences, and seeks to understand, and trace the energy that is created in a body of photographic work.

The work seeks to ask the basic question- What is in a photograph.

By traveling alone into the unknown to create an experience that produces images which can be viewed, and interpreted with hindsight. It attempts to understand the energy of both past, and present that live in a collective body of work. It seeks to deconstruct and re-construct a photographic work by its individual structures. Recalibrating the potential energy, and dimension of a photograph to retrace the work to its original root.

This project focuses on the subjective nature of experience, and in turn interpretation. It attempts to asses a photographs place in terms of time and space. How a photograph, though rooted in a specific time and space, may draw a potential path to an alternate. That all decisions made in the creation of a thing lead to a source. That this source is greater than the bounds of a two dimensional thing, and has the possibility to travel, or fluctuate through individual, and collective consciousness.