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Postgraduate Course in Photography and Visual Language

Continuing study programs - 4 months

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Postgraduate Course in Photography and Visual Language

The Postgraduate Course in Photography and Visual Language offers an immersion into a transversal knowledge of artistic photography and applied photography through their tools. Giving priority to the understanding of the photographic art to support its expressive and narrative functionality, the course aims to encourage the development of artists and professional photographers in a context that requires specialists who are aware of interdisciplinary aspects.
Students will receive full training on the photographic language, its techniques and expressive consequences. In this way, they will learn how to shoot with all professional formats, to express themselves with natural and artificial light, to properly handle post-production tools and to share images using new technologies. The learning of techniques and their narrative capacity will be present throughout the training process, from which students must build their own visual discourse.
The Postgraduate Course in Photography and Visual Language is part of the Area of Photography at the IED Madrid, a meeting point for international artists and professionals, which brings together the best of the national and international scene in this field.

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The main objectives of this course are to:

  • Learn first-hand how to build an image, its language, its treatment from a technical point of view and how to reproduce it on various media.
  • Familiarize oneself with current photographic production, its themes and genres, its practical and artistic applications, and cultural value in the information society.
  • Work with different cameras and professional formats, taking into account their expressive and narrative functionality.
  • Get to know the latest technologies in digital image-making, in small, medium and large format and their creative effects.
  • Have an introduction to the digital lab and all its expressive tools.
  • Approach discourses around the contemporary image with its ethical and social repercussions through its representation techniques.
  • Learn to use photography as a communication tool in digital media and social networks and understand its position as a lingua franca.

Professional Opportunitie

During the course students become more aware of possible media for their work, whether in the commercial context (advertising campaigns, editorials, reports, etc.) and in the art world (Photobook, exhibition, online presentation or intervention in the public space). The careers open to graduates are:

  • Freelance photographer
  • Production assistant
  • Assistant art director
  • Post-production work
  • Jobs in publishing


Joan Villaplana

Degree in Humanities from the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona following the thought itinerary. Photography studies at the GrisArt School in Barcelona.
He has exhibited his photographic work at the China Pingyao International Photography Festival, the Central European House of Photography in Bratislava, the Lumen Foundation of Budapest, in Lodz Fotofestiwal, the Cultural Center of Spain in Guatemala and the Lipoli&Lopez Gallery in Rome.
He has collaborated with Le Monde Diplomatique, La Vanguardia, the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Corriere della Sera, Prensa Libre, Surface, Etiqueta Negra and On Design, among others. In 2008 he was nominated for the Photobook Award of the New York Photo Festival for the book Metropolis.


Images from the Course

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Postgraduate Course in Photography and Visual Language

  • Type of course : Continuing study programs
  • Language : English
  • School: Visual Communication
  • IED Credits: 20
  • Start date: October 2017
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Timetable : Afternoon de lunes a jueves, de 16 a 20 h
  • Attendance: in-person
  • Qualification: Private
  • Directed to : Photographers
  • Admission process : CV, motivation letter, portfoliio, personal interview
  • Enrollment rate: 1200 €
  • Course Fee: 3000 €
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