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Postgraduate Course in Documentary Photography and Reportage

Postgraduate Courses - 4 months

Make your mark in documentary photography. Reinterpret the world around you through technical knowledge and a global understanding of social, political and economic issues.

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Postgraduate Course in Documentary Photography and Reportage

As the first of three modules that form the Master of Professional Photography at the IED Madrid, this specialization course is dedicated to documentary and reportage. It also includes transferable knowledge in copyright issues, media relations, communication theory, ethics of the image, retouching and colour correction, new documentary practice, location management, and contracts. A strong and appealing personal work can make the difference when trying to convince magazines and publishers. Based on this assumption, the enhancement of the students’ professional skills in documentary photography is complemented by developing a personal body of work.

The co-directors of this course are good examples of a new breed of photographers who see their documentary work embedded in the artistic field. They are also docents of the European Master of Fine Art Photography and will tutor the students in the creation of a personal artistic project that will go far beyond pure technical excellence.

Students will enter the world of reportage through a network of lecturers, teacher, tutors, and the program’s directors. They have the opportunity to further their studies in the framework of the Master of Professional Photography and to promote the final project through our contributing partners, with the ends of publication and distribution.

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  • Offer students a view of the current tendencies in documentary
    photography and audio-visual reportage.
  • Implement the tools and knowledge used in press and editorial
  • Introduce different modes of practice in documentary photography.
  • Reflect upon the role of the photographer within the media and his/her
    relationship with the editor, the art director and the client.
  • Experience, through a real assignment from the tutor, what it’s like to
    create a story that is good enough to be published.
  • Examine photographic practices within contemporary media contexts.
  • Show the cultural value of photography, forms of collaboration and
    creative funding models.
  • Analyse the challenges and limitations of the market in times of strong
    media convergence and downsizing.

Professional Opportunities

  • Press and media photographer
  • Editorial photographer
  • Post-production artist
  • Picture editor
  • Agency Assistant



Ricardo Cases

He lives and works in Madrid and Valencia. Graduated in Journalism by the Universidad del País Vasco, he is a teacher in the European Master in Contemporary Photography at the IED Madrid since 2011. A member of the Group Blank Paper, he runs the editorial project Fiesta Ediciones. His book Paloma al aire has accomplished a wide recognition since its publication in 2011.




Edmund Clark


Edmund Clark is an award-winning artist whose work links history, politics and representation. His work traces ideas of shared humanity, otherness and unseen experience through landscape, architecture and the documents, possessions and environments of subjects of political tension.

Cristina de Middel

Artist & Photographer

Born 1975 in Alicante, Spain. Is a documentary photographer and artist living and working in London, United Kingdom. De Middel self-published The Afronauts in 2012, a photobook about the short-lived Zambian space program in Southern Africa. The book quickly sold out and the work was met with critical acclaim. She was nominated for the 2013 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize for The Afronauts.

Jorge Fuembuena

Artist & Photographer

Born in 1979 in Zaragoza, Spain. He has been awarded with grants in Spain and Latin America such as Ranchito or Casa Velazquez. He has also exhibited his work in both collective and individual exhibitions around the world in places such as Brazil, London or Palma de Mallorca

Antonio Xoubanova

Artist & Photographer

Antonio Xoubanova is a photographer based in Madrid who works between commercial projects and artistic photography. His latest book, “Casa de Campo”, was published by MACK.


Paul Kranzler


Born in 1979 in Linz, Austria. He is a freelance photographer whose work has published in Dazed & Confused, Camera Austria or Vogue Luomo. He is also widely acknowledged for his personal work. Projects like Land of Milk and Honey (2005), and Brut (2010), which have been shown in festivals and exhibitions worldwide.


Antonio Heredia


Madrid based photojournalist. Photographer specializing portraits, daily news images, stories, photo essays and multimedia.
Antonio has worked for more than 15 years as a photojournalist for a wide range of publications, from newspapers like El Mundo or The Wall Street Journal; international news wires like AP and Bloomberg and magazines including Yo Dona, Tiempo, Magazine, Papel, Forbes or Vanity Fair. 

Images from the course

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Postgraduate Course in Documentary Photography and Reportage

  • Type of course : Postgraduate Courses
  • Language : English
  • School: Visual Communication
  • IED Credits: 20
  • Start date: January 2018
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Timetable : Morning-Afternoon 10am to 14.00 pm. Monday to Thursday. Selected production workshops and Master Classes may include varying schedules.
  • Attendance: in-person
  • Qualification: Private al término del curso el alumno recibirá un certificado acreditativo.
  • Directed to : Estudiantes con títulos en Fotografía, Bellas Artes , Medios, Publicidad o Comunicación. Jóvenes fotógrafos que quieran especializarse en fotografía profesional. Fotógrafos que trabajan en el sector y que quieren desarrollar su propio estilo en su trabajo profesional y personal.
  • Admission process : · Currículum vitae. · Carta de motivación. · Conocimientos técnicos en fotografía (Nivel del curso One Year Photography del IED Madrid o equivalente); también se requieren conocimientos básicos de postproducción y estar familiarizado con los distintos formatos audiovisuales. · Porfolio de un proyecto artístico · Entrevista personal en caso de que la dirección lo estime necesario. · Para poder participar en el curso, el alumno ha de disponer de su propia cámara.
  • Enrollment rate: 1200 €
  • Course Fee: 3000 €
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